Chromebook “GoT” Series

In partnership with Premium Retail, we produced a series of holiday hype videos celebrating the unique cross promotion of Chromebook and Game of Thrones. Several popular show characters and themes were re-created to depict scenes in which they adapt and resist to modern technology, while highlighting specific Chromebook benefits.


*St. Louis ADDY AWARD - Animation/Motion Graphics (Elements of Advertising)

Brand: Google Chromebook
Agency: Premium Retail
Executive Producer: Josh Waller
Producer: Majka Koszykowski
Motion Design: Jerry Liu & Matt Hickey
Animation: Matt Hickey
Sound: Mike Radentz

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We've been making it work from home, admittedly better than we could have ever anticipated, and our commitment to producing the best possible creative hasn't changed. So for now, we carry on from our basements, bedrooms, dens and patios. As the situation hopefully improves, we will continue to assess and provide remote options for both clients and staff as needed.

It's worth noting how truly grateful we are for the ongoing support from our incredible client partners and the great brands they represent. Let's keep creating.

If you have any questions about how we can execute your project during these times, please e-mail Michael Francis (Executive Producer) at

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