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The difference is, when we say "work with us," we mean work with us. Don't just email the brief — share the vision. Inform the content strategy. Inspire our experts in design, motion, and sound. Sit down right next to us and collaborate. Split the last donut.

We don't "do projects" — we build partnerships.



We're your Big Idea's best friend. Whether you’re starting from scratch or bringing a brand bible, let's create a vision and put your ideas in motion.


We don’t just make it up, we make it happen. Our teams produce, recruit, write, and shoot. Bring your best and together we’ll make it better.


Editing, animation, motion graphics, and sound design. It almost sounds trivial when we write it, but with expert fine-tuning our stories tickle, punch, and bring a tear to the eye.

The Team

Antidote attracts ambitious collaborators, passionate creatives, and proven thinker-doers. We honor aesthetic sensibilities just as much as practiced delivery, all crafted with Midwestern love.

Michael Francis
Co-Founder / Executive Producer
Ryan Bury
Co-Founder / Creative Director
Rachael Roberts
Project Coordinator / Producer
Majka Koszykowski
Matt Hickey
Sr. Post Production Manager
Tim Craft
Associate Creative Director
Mike Radentz
Audio Specialist
Sky Goodman
3D Animation / Motion Design
Branson Cusack
Cinematography / Edit
Hunter Hempen
Motion Graphics / Animation


We've been making it work from home, admittedly better than we could have ever anticipated, and our commitment to producing the best possible creative hasn't changed. So for now, we carry on from our basements, bedrooms, dens and patios. As the situation hopefully improves, we will continue to assess and provide remote options for both clients and staff as needed.

It's worth noting how truly grateful we are for the ongoing support from our incredible client partners and the great brands they represent. Let's keep creating.

If you have any questions about how we can execute your project during these times, please e-mail Michael Francis (Executive Producer) at

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